Homemade Baguettes!

These Baguettes are based on the recipe called “Pain a láncienne” (pardon  my French) from the book “The breadmaker’s apprentice. Contrary to what the name suggests the method of preperation has been invented rather recently (not sure when exactly but certainly not ‘A láncienne’).  The trick is in letting the dough sit over night in the refrigirator with barely any fermentation done. This lets the bread enzimes do their thing undisturbed (thier thing being turning much of the starch into sugars), and only then allows the awakening yeast  to start fermenting (once placed in room temperature).


Another part of the trick is very carful handling of this extra soft/gooie dough so as to not let any of the proofing gas escape before baking. I love the coloring of the crust (the result of the extra enzime work and abundance of sugar in the dough) and the flavor in magnificant. My only lesson for the next batch is to form larger loafs so the end result is not too slender like the one I got this first attemp.

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11 August 2020