How to make Gyoza at home


One of the greatest versions of dough-stuffed-with-something is the Japanese Gyoza. A delicate seasoning that includes Sake, sugar, Oyster sauce and many other ingredients and a unique cooking method that fries the bottom while keeping the top slightly sticky make this appetizer highly addictive. Gyozas are not that hard to make but they require some preparation, especially if you are making the dough yourself. They also require purchasing some special ingredients you may not have a use for once you’re done. But if you are a real foodie it never hurts to have some special ingredients lying around for when you are feeling creative.

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29 February 2020

  • Harissa Sweet Potato Ricotta Toast

    This post is in partnership with California Grown. I’m slow to transition out of winter produce, especially with sweet potatoes. I love sweet potatoes (which is probably obvious). This toast is a delightful savory breakfast that’s easily adaptable for a different time of year. California Sweet Potatoes February is always an interesting time in California....

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  • Arugula Delicata Squash Pasta

    I was the type of kid who put chips on her sandwich (and by kid, I mean fully functioning adult). It’s a texture thing. I like the crunch paired with the softness of the sandwich. This delicata squash pasta is similar in that it’s not really pasta but a salad with pasta in it. The...

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  • Berbere Sweet Potato Farro Bowls

    This post is sponsored by Bob’s Red Mill. See below for more information. There’s nothing like a hearty grain bowl filled with vegetables, grains, and beans. It hits all the points and makes for such a delicious and filling dinner. This particular bowl has some of my favorites (roasted sweet potatoes! farro!) with a bit...

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  • Creamy Carrot-Coconut Soup

    I’m popping in to share a recipe from a new cookbook I can’t put down. To be honest, it’s hit and miss with new cookbooks. I’m always looking for a book that challenges my ways of thinking about ingredients whether that’s in a new way to cook or new-to-me flavor combinations. Bryant Terry’s Vegetable Kingdom...

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  • Lentil Bites with Broccoli Pesto and Rice

    As I continue to work within more of the meal plans, I’m finding ways to use old favorites to create new, delicious meals. These lentils bites have long been a solid staple in my repertoire. The same could be said for the broccoli pesto. So what happens when you combine the two? You get this...

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