A “Classic Meets Modern” Passover Menu

What's on your menu for Passover dinner this year? We're thinking poached salmon and matzo ball soup (of course), as well as some modern recipes like a layered matzo bake and deviled eggs with horseradish!

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25 January 2020

  • Midwinter III Meal Plan

    While winter started awhile ago, I feel it most in January. The holidays are over and the sense of the long winter starts to set in. My penchant for cozy meals really comes out. Soups, stews, and pasta are nearly a weekly occurrence. This week’s plan really shows that. There’s a chili recipe and a...

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  • Pasta and Chickpeas (Pasta e Ceci)

    During a recipe testing and dinner one night, my son decided his tomato soup was boring and starting adding cooked pasta I had made for a different recipe. We ended up talking about spaghetti-os (something I didn’t eat as a kid but knew about). All of this led me down the rabbit hole of making...

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  • Vegan Tempeh Chili with Beans

    It might be my midwestern upbringing, but I’m a chili fan. It’s warming and filling- you can’t ask for much more. This chili is using one of my favorite tempeh products, and it comes together in about 30 minutes. Serve with cornbread (or peanut butter sandwiches if you’re like my husband). The Tempeh When my...

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  • Midwinter II Meal Plan

    When I first started planning meals, I found I would over plan and buy too much. I’d schedule every weeknight dinner, but inevitably, something would come up, and I’d have to shift things around. In return, I’d feel some emotion towards that, and it was usually negative. This feeling led to now, where I keep...

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  • Harissa Farro Bowls with Spaghetti Squash and Hummus

    When it comes to weeknight meals, some nights are a mash-up of all the components I prepped earlier in the week. My creativity takes a break, and I usually just toss items together, making something slightly weird but delicious. This recipe seems simple from the outset, but it’s the components that are the star. Squash...

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