The 3 Untraditional Kitchen Tools I Couldn't Live Without — Shopping

I have a major weakness for kitchen tools. While I don't buy every single cool contraption I see, I do love browsing the aisles in a kitchen store. And when I can find a unique kitchen tool, gadget, or high-quality appliance that will help me eat better and enjoy being in the kitchen more, then I'm going to buy it. As I type that, three things come to mind. They have seriously changed my life in the last few months — and they're all mini versions of themselves. Because who can resist miniature versions of everyday favorites? Not me!

As a single gal, I don't like batch cooking and find that I tire of dishes before all the leftovers get eaten. I prefer single-serving or, at the most, double-serving options. Plus, miniature versions of kitchen tools are easier to store because they require less space. And they're adorable — and cheaper, too.

Here are three miniature kitchen tools I can't live without.


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21 October 2019