5 Tips for Picking On-the-Go Snacks for Toddlers, According to 5 Pediatricians — Shopping

I never really mastered the "mom bag." I carry a big shoulder bag instead of a proper diaper bag, and I might not always have enough antibacterial wipes (or even regular baby wipes). Heck, on one regrettable occasion I even got cocky and left the house without spare diapers. (Never again.) But I always have snacks, because I have a toddler. With toddlers, there is a fine line between sweetness and chaos, and staying on the right side of that line often comes down to snacks.

Carrying snacks is important, because small children eat a lot to keep up with the speed at which their little bodies are growing, but they won't necessarily tell you in advance when they're getting hungry. Trust me — you do not want to face a hangry toddler.

But finding food that is both healthful and convenient can be tricky — especially when some foods marketed as being good for toddlers are actually full of sodium and sugar. So we checked in with five pediatricians to get their pointers when it comes to shopping for and planning snacks for toddlers.


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