Eggplant Parmesan

Eggplant parmesan is one of those great Italian comfort foods—a layered casserole much like lasagna but with slices of globe eggplant taking the place of pasta.

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Blackberry Pie

Yes my friends, it’s time for blackberries! The season is here, the berries are ripe and ready for picking.

Blackberries grow wild here along the American River, and pretty much around all of the creeks and streams in California. Heck, they even grow wild in empty lots and neglected back yards in San Francisco.

Some friends and I went berry picking at the river this week and brought home a couple pounds of fresh, ripe, juicy berries, perfect for a pie.

And a perfect pie it is, or was. It didn’t last long.

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10 Things to Know If You’re a First-Time Meal Planner

So, you’re ready to bite the bullet and start making real meal plans every week.

No more winging it, and no more trying to figure out how to cobble together a meal from two potatoes, a bottle of hot sauce, and a hunk of cheese (which is definitely possible, by the way).

You’re fed up with those last-minute trips to the grocery store at 5 o’clock without a glimmer of dinner inspiration.

This week is going to be different. This week you will leave work on Monday and know what you’ll be eating in an hour.

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Skillet Peach Crisp with Ginger and Pecans

I am such a sucker for a fresh peach. Normally, I’d advocate eating one right over the sink to catch the drips—unless you’d rather be messy and get it all over your face (your call!).

According to my farmer friend Ben Scholl, whose peaches I so adore, those are called “sink peaches.” Aptly named.

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Black Bean Burgers with Spicy Mayonnaise

Once upon a time, I ran a vegetarian restaurant in a college town, and one of its signature dishes was the “Big Veg.” The Big Veg was a scratch-made soy veggie burger.

As such, it was pretty good for its time, but it needed some serious updating. These days, I want something better than “pretty good.”

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Grilled Salmon with Peach Salsa

This spicy and slightly sweet grilled salmon is bound to become a favorite this summer. Smoked paprika, garlic, and onion powders in the rub create a savory, smoky flavor, while a touch of sugar adds a hint of sweetness and helps the skin become unbelievably crispy.

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S’mores Pie

Warm weather conjures images of nights spent outdoors, sitting around a campfire surrounded by friends. And with that image usually comes s’mores.

The combination of graham crackers, chocolate, and gooey marshmallows is a classic summertime treat for a reason. With this recipe, we have transformed the dessert into pie form, ideal for serving a crowd of people a summer dinner party or as part of a BBQ dessert spread.

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Foil Packs with Sausage, Corn, Zucchini and Potatoes

It’s summertime, and the livin’ should be easy! And easy it is with these make-ahead foil packs that you can throw on the grill after a long hike or a day at the beach.

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Meal Plan for July Week 5

This month, Summer Miller is back, sharing her meal plans for July. Summer is a mom, a full-time food writer, and also helps test the fabulous recipes we bring you every week at Simply Recipes.

And just like that we are finishing off the month of July! The official end of summer is still a couple of months way, but the back to school sales are everywhere reminding us the end is near. Soon fall sports and homework will replace swimsuits and sprinklers.

With that in mind I want to make the most of these final carefree days. My garden is packed with tomatoes, basil and cucumbers at this point in the season, and this week’s meal plan puts them all to good use.

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Award-Winning Pecan-Crusted Nashville Hot Chicken

This post brought to you in partnership with American Pecans.

We love any excuse to try a new chicken recipe, especially Hot Chicken! A few months ago, our friends at American Pecans hosted the #NotJustPie contest on Instagram and Twitter, asking fans to break pecans out of the pie shell and show off their best non-pie pecan recipes, and it’s clear why this Pecan-Crusted Nashville Hot Chicken came out on top.

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Chicken Fried Steak

A Southern Favorite

What evil genius came up with the idea for chicken-fried steak? Just when I’m trying to be good, eating my greens, avoiding sweets, the notion to make chicken-fried steak takes hold in my brain and doesn’t let go until the deed is done. Dear brain, what are you doing?

Chicken-fried steak, if you are unfamiliar with the dish, is a Southern favorite—tenderized beef cutlets, dipped in egg and flour and fried, much like fried chicken, but with steak.

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Grilled Pizza with Red Peppers, Broccoli, and Onions

Making pizza on the grill takes a little bit of courage the first time. Tossing uncooked dough directly onto the grate over live fire? Topping the pizza while it’s on the grill? Seems a bit daunting.

But once you try it and see how delicious it is, you’ll go back for more.

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Eggplant Dip (Baba Ganoush)

Summer is the season for eggplant, and one of the best things in the world you can make with eggplant is the middle eastern eggplant dip known as baba ganoush (also spelled baba ghanouj).

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The Low-Maintenance Plant That Belongs in Your Dining Room — Plants

In recent years, the ubiquitous fiddle leaf fig has dominated all other entrants in the competition for most popular in-house tree-like plants. But we think it's time to give another understated-but-stately tree — with its large, deep green leaves — a second look and another chance. Here's how to maintain a rubber plant as a striking part of your dining room decor for years to come.


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How To Quick Pickle Any Vegetable — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn

Cool, briny pickles straight from the fridge are one of the simplest pleasures of summer. Quick pickling is also a brilliant solution for preserving a plethora of vegetables from the market or your garden. Quick pickling doesn't require canning or a bushel of vegetables. Best of all, you can adapt this simple formula for any fresh vegetables; try a mixture of vinegars and spices for a truly custom pickle pleasure.


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7 Snacks Kitchn Editors Recently Bought on Amazon — Shopping

In honor of the approaching back-to-school season, we've been talking a lot about snacks lately (both on the site and amongst ourselves). Not surprisingly, it turns out that lots of us Kitchn editors have been stocking up on Amazon. Here's what we've been buying lately.


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One of My Favorite All-Clad Pans Is on Sale Today! — Shopping

I don't click through to online sales much, but only when I think there's a really think it's a good deal — and today, friends, this is a good deal. One of my favorite All-Clad pans of all time is on sale at TJ Maxx as part of their summer clearance sale (yes, online! You don't have to drive there!).


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Ina Garten Shares Her Favorite Summer Appetizer Recipe — Pop Culture

We should just rename summer "Tomato Season," the way people jokingly called autumn "Pumpkin Spice Season" so much that it stopped being a joke and is just the way we talk now. If fall starts when the Pumpkin Spice Lattes appear, every year I think of summer as starting when I put my first baby tomato plant in a pot on my deck and swear that this is the year I'll remember to water it.


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How To Make Yogurt Drops at Home — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn

I remember a time in raising my children when I was never without one of those zip-top bags of frozen yogurt bites. If they needed something while we waited for dinner to arrive at the table, or a quiet snack at library story time, there they were. And while I loved making baby food for them and freezing yogurt for snacks, there was just no beating the commercial yogurt bites — even I enjoyed my fair share of the sweet, tangy, melt-in-your mouth texture of those bites.

It almost pains me to have discovered a hack for making dried yogurt bites at home after that season of my child-rearing is coming to an end, but when I discovered I could turn a kitchen staple's leftovers into tender snack bites, I knew I needed to share this splendid secret.


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Why This $25 Lunch Box Really Is Worth the Money — Shopping

If you've been reading any of our lunch-packing stories over the years, you've probably seen us use these stainless steel LunchBots containers again and again. They start at $20 (for one with no compartments) and go up to $40 (for the one pictured above with five compartments), which I realize is a lot of money to spend on a lunch box that your kid may or may not remember to bring home.

Here's the thing, though: I've learned that it really is money well-spent! And I'm partial to the one that only costs $25.


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This Is the Best Nonstick Pan Your Kitchen Needs — Stocking Up

No one — and I mean no one — should be without a nonstick skillet. For starters, it makes cooking an omelet, crepes, or anything that sticks to the pan practically foolproof. And after whipping up some scrambled eggs, you won't have to scrub and scrub to clean off all that gunk that's stuck to the bottom or sides of the pan.

Naturally, our favorite nonstick pan has a top-notch finish — and it's also a solid piece of cookware all the way around.


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15 Ways to Eat an Avocado for Breakfast — Recipes from The Kitchn

I'll eat an avocado any time of day, but for breakfast it seems especially satisfying. This creamy green fruit is loaded with a dose of healthy fats that make your morning meal more satiating and satisfying, and won't leave you reaching for a snack in an hour. From smoothies to toast to breakfast bowls, here are 15 delicious and easy avocado breakfast recipes.


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Honestly, This Is the Only Way Bananas Should Be Sold — Grocery News

My bananas were fine when I got them four days ago. I was so happy to see the bananas were all perfectly ripe at the grocery store, so I bought a big bunch. My toddler ate two, I froze three for banana ice cream, and now the last one is sitting on the counter — an overripe, mushy brown mess. I feel like it's daring me to throw it away.


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3 Professional Organizers on Dealing with Paper Clutter in the Kitchen — Organizing Tips from The Kitchn

I consider myself a fairly tidy person. I make my bed first thing; clean the dishes (and the sink!) before sitting down to watch TV at night; and spend countless hours picking up tiny shoes, hair bands, teacups, and baby doll accessories from every corner of the house. But despite these tendencies, there's one spot where clutter — my own clutter, not the kind I can blame on the kids — constantly seems to exist. We have a nice, long countertop where paper just loves to migrate (as I glance over, I see at least four stacks of paper in varying sizes). Just looking at it is stressful!

So I called a few professional organizers certified by National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) to talk it out. Here's what I learned.


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What's the Difference Between Muesli and Granola? — Ingredient Intelligence

If you've long been a fan of granola's clusters and crunch, maybe it's time to consider a similar-looking cereal on the block: muesli. So how does equally delicious muesli compare to your beloved granola? Here are the answers you're looking for so you can navigate the cereal aisle at the grocery store with confidence.


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These Sticky Sesame Cauliflower Wings Are Better than the Real Thing — Delicious Links

Kitchn's Delicious Links column highlights recipes we're excited about from the bloggers we love. Follow along every weekday as we post our favorites.

If you did a double take when you saw these coated cauliflower bites and thought they were boneless chicken wings, you are definitely not alone. I hope you aren't disappointed that these aren't chicken wings, and instead are inspired by cauliflower's unbounded potential — primarily as a vehicle for crispy coating and sticky sauce.


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Seafood Paella

Are you ready for a party? Mix up a pitcher of sangria and call your friends and neighbors!

A festive occasion calls for a big statement, and this paella is just that: a colorful rice dish bursting with clams, mussels and shrimp along with smoky chorizo and saffron for tons of flavor. You don’t need much else to serve alongside it, but you could make a green salad if you feel inspired.

Set the whole pan of paella on your picnic table, and bring out some crusty bread and wine glasses. Summer is just too short not to celebrate it with friends.

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6 Things to Make on Sunday for Easier Weeknight Meals

If you want to make your week as easy as possible, spend some time on Sunday making a few batches of simple weeknight staples that can serve as building blocks for meals in the coming days.

You’ll spend the rest of the week looking back and thanking yourself for these well-spent couple of hours.

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